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Competitions What   an   inspiring   competition!   We   had   56   entries   from   28   members   spanning   all   classes and categories. Thanks again to everyone who entered. The   competition   committee   agreed   that   the   comments   from   this   judging   trio   was   among the best and most useful we’ve had in a long time. Best of Show went to Ann Kramer for “Cellophane Wings.” Congratulations Ann! The   committee   met   and   discussed   the   judging   which   was   consistent   across   all   entries. None   was   extremely   high   or   low.   Of   course   no   one   will   agree   with   every   decision,   but   they were   fair.   The   monitor   and   laptop   they   used   for   the   judging   were   available   at   the   awards night and members were able to see the images as the judges saw them.
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