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Competition 2021 Summer Competition Many   photography   clubs   have   extensive   rules   regarding   competitions.   The   higher   the   level   of   competition,   the more complex they become. Rules for entering and judging sound more and more like legislative pronouncements as you progress toward the national level, and that’s fine. We   at   RCC,   though   we’ve   been   around   for   a   long   time,   have   prided   ourselves   at   being   at   a   simpler   and   more   fun level.   We   look   at   a   photograph   as   a   work   of   art,   taken   and   developed   to   express   a   feeling   or   emotion,   or   to   tell   a story, but mostly just to be a work of art. Our   only   limits   are   in   the   photojournalism   category,   where   we   ask   entrants   to   limit   their   post   processing   to cropping    and    minor    adjustments    in    lighting    and    contrast,    or    conversion    to    black    and    white,    with    nothing otherwise added or deleted from the original image. For   the   rest   of   the   categories,   we   have   all   heard   judges   recommend   the   removal   or   de-emphasis   of   distracting elements.   The   artist   is   free   to   do   whatever   is   necessary   to   create   something   special.   We   recently   had   a   question about Photoshop’s (and others’) capability to easily replace skies. RCC   currently   has   no   policy   on   sky   replacement,   but   we   do   ask   that   any   elements   added   to   an   image   be   the   work of   the   entrant.   In   other   words,   you   may   add   one   of   your   own   sky   pictures,   but   not   a   stock   image   or   one   provided by the software. But be careful. Judges have become very skilled at recognizing bad compositing. The   next   competition   will   be   our   Summer   Competition   to   be   held   the   first   week   of   July,   once   again   on   Zoom.   The date   of   the   comp   will   require   some   tweaking   as   the   first   Monday   of   July   is   the   5 th ,   the   official   Independence   Day since   the   4 th    falls   on   a   Sunday.   Right   now,   it   looks   like   the   competition   will   be   on   Thursday   the   8 th    in   a   private Zoom session, to be viewed on the website within a few days. Competition   entries   will   be   accepted   on   our   website    from   the   morning   of   June   7 through 11 PM, June 21. You may enter at whatever skill level (class) you wish: Apprentice, Intermediate, or Advanced. You   will   compete   for   ribbons   within   your   own   class.   Images   that   are   scored   below   75   will   not   be   eligible   for ribbons. Categories include People, Places, Animals, Close-Up, Photojournalism, Open/Miscellaneous, and Category X (for this competition only “Altered Reality”). Full descriptions of categories are on the website. The Link Is: Image Competition Guidelines Top   scorers   for   each   class   and   in   each   category   will   receive   place   ribbons   for   “First”,   “Second,   “Third,   and “Honorable Mention”. The top scoring image for all images rated in this competition will be awarded “Best of Show”. Good Luck and happy shooting. Carl Detrow
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