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Competition 2022 Summer Competition Full descriptions of categories are on the website. The Link Is: Image Competition Guidelines RCC Summer 2022 Competition Update The 2022 Summer Competition will be presented at the July 18 Zoom meeting. Entries for the summer competition will be accepted on the website from 11 PM June 20 through 11 PM July 6. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted, nor will the entry fee be returned. RCC competitions are open to all club members in good standing (dues paid). We plan to judge and record the summer competition privately on July 11 and present it at the Zoom meeting on July 18. Awards will be presented at the in-person meeting on August 1. Category X for the summer competition is “Inspiration.” This is a most unusual category inspired by the work of Stefanie Billings in the last competition. The format will be an original image created by the entrant, with a short inspirational quote. The quote may be placed anywhere on the page—over, under, or on the image. If known, the quote should include an attribution, unless, of course, it is original by the image maker, who cannot be identified for the competition. “Anonymous” is acceptable. Standard competition criteria apply for the entry. This will provide an excellent opportunity for you to hone your skills at designing a page and applying text to it.
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