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Competition 2022 Spring Competition Full descriptions of categories are on the website. The Link Is: Image Competition Guidelines
Our   next   competition   will   be   for   spring,   2022.   The   plan   is   to   hold   the   competition   offline   a   few   days
before March 7, record it, and broadcast it as the program on March 7.
Entries   will   be   accepted   on   the   website   from   11   PM   Monday,   February   7,   2022,   until   11   PM   Wednesday,
February   23,   2022.   That’s   an   extra   two   days   for   those   of   us   who   always   put   things   off   until   the   last
minute. You’re welcome!
You   may   enter   one   or   two   images.   Cost   of   entry   for   1   or   2   images   is   $10,   payable   through   PayPal   as   you
Category-X   will   be   “Humor.”   I’ve   been   thinking   about   that.   A   good   title   may   help   the   judges   find   the
humor in your photograph.
Technical   requirements   remain   the   same:   JPG   image,   no   more   than   4000   pixels   on   the   long   side,   and   no
more   than   200   pixels   per   inch.   Please   try   to   keep   your   image   to   3.5   MP   or   less.   Larger   images   can   clog
up our system and increase the display generation time.
Image   titles   should   be   kept   to   less   than   30   characters.   Your   winning   ribbon   will   have   a   thumbnail   image
and the title printed on a label on the back. A long title may be truncated.
We   currently   plan   to   distribute   awards   during   a   Zoom   meeting   on   March   21.   After   the   awards   are
announced,   winning   members   will   be   given   the   opportunity   to   talk   about   how   they   got   their   images
and other members will be invited to comment or ask questions.
If the Covid-19 climate allows we may meet in person. Otherwise, ribbons will be mailed.
Stay tuned and good luck.
Carl Detrow
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