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Competition Celebrate the Holidays For many years the Redlands Camera Club has celebrated the end of the year with a Winter Competition and a Holiday Dinner in December. Of course 2020 will have to be different. First, there will be no Winter Competition. We are currently planning a Spring Competition for March 1. But like everyone else, we especially need something to make us smile. A photographic work of art is meant to elicit a feeling or emotion, and is a great way to express the joy of a holiday experience. If you have such a photograph (or 3) we invite you to submit them for the first RCC digital holiday celebration members’ night to be held December 7, 2020, at 7PM. The theme is “Celebrate the Holidays.” Which holidays? It’s your choice: Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Festivus, or whatever. It could be a landscape, portrait, animal, or perhaps a family snapshot. Just make it a good photograph. Be creative. Club members may make constructive comments during the members’ night, but you may decline critique if you desire. You may submit up to 3 images. Format is the competition standard JPG, 1,400 pixels on the long side, sRGB color space, 200 dpi, maximum of 3.5 MB. Members in good standing may submit images from November 16-November 30 via e-mail to . Provide a title for each image in the e-mail, and name the files with your last name and a sequence number. (Example, detrow-1.jpg; detrow-2.jpg) Be sure to mention in the e-mail if you prefer no critique. We don’t want this to go all night, so we’ll show all the #1 images from all entrants first, then the rest as time permits. It's not the same as our usual holiday get-together, but it will be fun. You are welcome to sip an appropriate holiday beverage during the event. I’ll miss the dessert pizza, though. Remember, you must be a club member in good standing to participate in the competition.
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