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Redlands Camera Club Summer Competition
July 1, 2019
Don’t let it sneak up on you! It?s TIME to start planning your entries.
Our   summer   competition   will   be   held   at   the   first   meeting   in   July,   which   happens   to
fall   on   July   1,   2019.   There   are   always   a   lot   of   things   going   on   at   that   TIME   of   the
year, so now is the TIME to start thinking what your entries will be.
We   will   have   3   expert   photographer   judges    to   review   the   works   and   to   provide
comments   and   suggestions   for   improvement.   You   may   enter   one   or   two   images   on
the website at a cost of $10 for both to cover expenses for ribbons and equipment.
You   get   to   determine   the   title   of   your   image   as   well   as   your   skill   level   (Class).
Ribbons    are    awarded    for    winners    within    each    Class    (Apprentice,    Intermediate,
Advanced),   so   if   you   are   fairly   new   at   photography   you   can   classify   yourself   as
Apprentice   and   compete   against   other   apprentices   only.   When   the   judges   see   the
images   they   do   not   know   what   class   the   photographer   is   in,   and   they   score
according   to   the   criteria   on   the   web   site.   Ribbons   are   awarded   to   the   highest   scores
by   Class   in   each   Category.   Overall,   whoever   gets   the   highest   score   on   a   single
image, regardless of Class and Category will be awarded the Best of Show ribbon.
Categories   include   Places,   Photojournalism,   Closeup,   Animal,   People,   and   the   catch-
all   Open/Miscellaneous   if   it   doesn?t   fit   in   one   of   the   others.   There   is   also   a   Category
“캸”?that   changes   with   each   competition.   Last   one   was   “Flight,”?and   for   July   2019   it
will   be   TIME .”   The   category   is   purposely   vague,   so   you   can   be   creative   in   selecting   a
subject and treatment.
Format,   size,   and   color   space   (color   profile)   are   important   so   be   sure   to   check   out
the requirements on the website before you enter.
Entries   will   be   accepted   on   the   website   ( )   from   the
morning   of   Monday,   June   3,   2019   to   11:00   PM,   Monday   June   17,   2019,   and   the
competition   will   be   held   on   Monday,   July   1,   2019.   Awards   will   be   presented   at   the
regular meeting on Monday, July 15, 2019.
If   you   have   any   questions,   please   contact   me   at   909-792-6341,   909-553-9494,   or                                                                         
email me at:
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