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Spring 2021 Competition Competition Date: Monday, March 1, 2021 Submit   Entries:   Morning   of   February   1,   2021   through   11   PM   February   15,   2021   on the website Awards Announced: Monday, March 15, 2021 Category X: Monochrome Plus Entries   limited   to   RCC   members   in   good   standing   (dues   for   2020-2021   or   2021- 2022 member years paid in full). We   will   resume   Redlands   Camera   Club   digital   competitions   soon.   Information   on entry classes and image categories is on the website. Category    X    for    this    competition    will    be    “Monochrome    Plus.”    Black    and    white images   can   be   of   the   traditional   kind,   and   for   this   competition   they   may   include variations   in   style   to   include   colorcasts   such   as   sepia   tone   and   the   like.   Also, images   may   contain   a   small   portion   of   color   (spot   color)   added   through   an   editing application   such   as   Photoshop.   Lots   of   contrast   and   creativity   will   define   the winning images in this category. Carl Detrow
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