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Winter Competition Entries Start November Our   next   competition   will   be   Winter   2019   on   December   2   with   awards   to   be   presented   at   our   holiday celebration on December 16. Category   X   Will   be   “Smart   Devices.”   The   image   may   be   in   any   category   and   may   be   post-processed   as   you would   any   other   competition   image.   The   only   requirement   is   that   each   entry   must   be   originally   captured   by the member on a digital device such as a smart phone or tablet. Other categories are People, Places, Animal, Photojournalism, Closeup, and Open/Miscellaneous. Up   to   two   entries   per   member   will   be   accepted   on   the   website   November   4-18.   The   entry   form   will   be   taken down   at   11:00   PM,   November   18.   Entry   fee   to   cover   awards,   equipment,   and   judges   honorarium   will   be $10.00 for one or two entries. Images   must   be   JPG,   no   more   than   4000   pixels   on   the   long   side,   sRGB   color   space,   and   may   not   exceed   3.5 MB. Be   sure   to   have   a   title   and   filename   available   before   you   start   the   entry   process.   See   the   website   for information   on   the   differences   between   titles   and   filenames.   Shorter   titles   are   preferred   so   that   they   can   fit on your ribbon when you win one. Good shooting and good luck!
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