Sun Rays On The Lake    Rick Strobough  
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               Nothing But The Blues               Jim Hendon
    Its All Down Hill From Here                Debra Dorothy
     Last Liberator        Carl Detrow
   This Is Not Easy         Dave Ficke
  Study In Profile       Dave Ficke
The Wizard Dave Moore
    Hronn Of The Sodhouse Iceland                      Wayne Purcell
         Good Friday In Vernazza                      Wayne Purcell
               Abstract            Robert Upton
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    Heart Of Stone    Cheryl Callanan
          A Country Mile           Andrea Johnson
  Redlands Camera Club
Best Of Show
               Storm at Battery Point                    Bruce Bonnett
               Bird’s Eye View                 Debra Dorothy
               Ocean Dance              Andrea Johnson
               Joshua Tree               Debra Strong
               Dusk After Burnners                        John White
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Four Berries
Russell Trozera
Annette Gregory
Hot Date
Gary Fitch
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