Best of Show   Debra Dorothy
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Lean On Me    Sue King
Wailua Sunrise    Dollly West
        Beppu Hot Springs        Sue King
   Wind and Water         Chuck Hall
 Moonrocks Chuck Hall
        Hot Air Baloon Adventure              William Jochimsen
    Joshua Reaches for the Sky                  Ann Kramer
Broad Billed Hummingbird        Debra Dorothy
       The Rose        Dennis Taylor
Vintage Route 66 Today     MarLouie Miller
                   Aria           Stephanie Billings
         Casual Friday       Larry Huddleston
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    Pop  Goes the Long Tailed Weasel                     Ann Kramer
Waterdrop Reflections        Jacque Sneddon Young Warrior        Mary Ann Ponder
      Bixby Bridge on Big Sur Coast                    Rick Strobaugh
    Spirit of Dana Point          Deborah Seibly
    Working on the Tracks            Rick Strobaugh
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