Feathered Clash  Ann Kramer  
               Sign by the Road                 Zackey Holycross
    Open Wide Iris       Carol Abidin
   Yucaipa Fire     John White
    Bird on a Tree  Zackey Holycross
  Tiger Lili  David Lim
    3 Storage Tanks         Ken Randall
         Those Were the Days               Mary Ann Ponder
                  Feeling Glad                Cheryl Callanan
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          Walking on Water              Wayne Purcell
         Rescue at Big Falls             Donald Purdey
  Redlands Camera Club
Best Of Show
               I've Got You My Pretty Little One                                Debra Dorothy
               Redrocks Hikers                     Carl Detrow
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  Hikers on the Trail      Rick Strobaugh
Inside a Vulcan Mind Meld          Bruce Bonnett
California Cactus     David Lim
               Haunted Highschool                    Deborah Seibly
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