Featured Photographer - October 2016

Bruce Woodcock I am a native So Cal country boy. My childhood was spent in what is now Westminster, California. From the tree in my backyard I could see the ocean only 8 miles away - only farm land separating me from the beach. My summers were spent getting up early and riding my bike to the beach - surfing, skimboarding, fishing, skin diving. I served two years in the Army from 1966-68. Got lucky and was sent to Korea instead of 'Nam for 13 months. The G.I. Bill put me through college (10 long years of night school). I finally received my B.A. in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton in 1978. After 34 years working for GTE before it became Verizon, I retired in 1999. It wasn't until I married my wife Sandy in 1981 that I became interested in photography, with the help of a second hand Nikon F2. That's how I learned to use a fully manual camera. That and taking a few classes and a lot of notes about each slide. Now I shoot with a Nikon D90 which I bought shortly after I joined the Redlands Camera Club a little over a year ago. I enjoy taking photos of land/seascapes, animals, nature, close-ups, and places. I find the most creative satisfaction in taking two average images and making a better one (ex. The 49 Ford Woody).
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