Featured Photographer - July 2017

Lucy McGee Back in the middle '40's I received my first camera, a "Brownie", as a present for Christmas. It was very exciting getting to take my first pictures. All too soon the new started to wear thin as the price of film and the cost of the film development started adding up to more than my small allowance would allow. It would be many years before I was reintroduced to the fun of taking pictures. About 1990 I was given another camera, a Canon point and shoot which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was getting some pretty good shots and had a good time bantering with my son as to whose pictures were the best. Again I met with disappointment with my son's untimely death. Along with his being gone I also lost interest in my hobby. It was not until a year ago that I was again given another camera, a "Canon Rebel EOS" by my daughter and was told to "get out and learn about the new digital revolution". After encouragement from my daughter I joined the Redlands Camera Club and I have attended several workshops sponsored by the club. It is very rewarding to associate with others who hold the same passion about creating art. I also enjoy the many field trips sponsored by the club. I am continuing to learn the art of taking good pictures by observing other members work and entering my images in our club's competitions. I am looking forward to many more years of "picture making fun".
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