Featured Photographer - February 2017

Owen Owens I was born in upstate New York. I grew up in New Jersey 45 miles from New York City and 60 Miles from Philadelphia. At 17 I ran away from home and joined the Marine Corps (Semper Fidelis). Twenty years, 2 kids and 1 divorce later I decided to do something different. After the Marine Corps I went to school and earned an AA in Liberal Studies from College of the Desert and a BS in Computer Science from Cal State San Bernardino. I worked as an analyst for McDonnell Douglas for a while and then was hired by Cal State SB. During the 19 years I spent with the university I was a network analyst, an Operating System analyst, a network Engineer and finally as Director of Telecommunications and Network Services. I knew that after I retired I had to do something to keep busy so a few years ago I purchased a Mac laptop and Nikon D40 and started taking pictures. The D40 lasted about a year and I traded up to a D700. I try to learn all I can about photography. I just finished my third Digital Photography Classes at MSJC, I attend workshops when I can, I read, have a nice collection of photography books, and watch photography videos. I am still trying to find what I really like to shoot and working to develop a style of my own.
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