Featured Photographer - January 2017

Wayne Purcell While attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara, I was drafted (and paid!) by a friend to shuffle prints through development trays in a darkroom and then dry them. What an amazing thing it was to watch an image magically emerge from a blank sheet of photographic paper! I was hooked. Later, in my senior year of college, at UC Berkeley, as part of the yearbook staff there, I got a lot of training. I had way too much fun in the process, as my grades later showed. Around that crazy campus in the early 70’s, there were always unusual and bizarre things to shoot. Soon after, my new bride and I moved to beautiful Vermont and rented a house in a town of a hundred people. During that time, my career aspirations began to change from being a national park ranger/biology teacher to becoming a minister. An intended three-month stay there stretched into three fun years. Patty and I did finally return to California for me to attend seminary. Our family began to grow, as three daughters joined us and down the road, eleven lively grandchildren. During my 36 years as a minister, I served in various associate positions in two large churches, one in La Mirada, the other in Yucaipa. Retirement came in 2015, with two goals: learning photo processing and finishing an historical novel I started several years ago. I love retirement! I got my first DSLR about five years ago, a Canon T2i, which has since been replaced by a Canon 70D. I particularly like photographing nature, critters, Southwest landscapes, and interesting people. With a daughter married to a pizzeria owner in a very picturesque seaport village in southern Tuscany though, you will see Italian images coming from my camera as well. The Redlands Camera Club has been an absolute godsend for me. Thank you for your assistance and encouragement. I have a long way to go, but over the past year after I joined the club, my skills have advanced light years through your help. I very much appreciate you all.
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