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July Field Trip
Many   parks   and   public   places   have   reopened   now   so   I   felt   it   was   a   good   time
for   a   field   trip   to   the   California   Botanic   Garden   (formerly   named   Rancho
Santa   Ana   Botanic   Garden)   at   1500   North   College   Avenue,   off   Foothill   Blvd.,   in
There   are   a   lot   of   new   rules   and   regulations,   so   please   read   carefully.   First
and   foremost,   face   masks   are   required   at   all   times.   The   CBG   is   currently   open
on    a    reservation    only    basis    Wed-Sun    8AM-1PM    and    3-8PM.    You    must
purchase   your   ticket   in   advance.   Go   to   their   website   at    and
select   the   morning   time   slot   for   Wednesday,   July   15 th .   Admission   is   $10   for
adults or $6 for seniors.
I   recommend   that   you   do   not   wait   until   the   last   minute   to   purchase   your
ticket   because   space   will   be   limited.   I   will   stand   near   the   entrance   at   9AM   but
you can reach me by cell phone if you don’t arrive at that time.
There   are   picnic   tables   adjacent   to   the   CBG   parking   lot   and   take-out   food   can
be   purchased   at   a   nearby   deli.   Wolfe’s   Market/Deli   at   160   West   Foothill   Blvd
has an excellent selection of sandwiches and sides.
Please   contact   Mary   Ann   Ponder   at   909-213-5108   or    if
you    wish    to    join    us.    Field    trips    are    a    benefit    of    Redlands    Camera    Club
membership. There is no charge but sign-ups are required.
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