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January, 2019, Field Trip
--- Orange Empire Railway Museum ---
The   only   way   to   get   around   in   southern   California   is   by   car   on   a   busy   freeway.   But   it   wasn’t   always   like   that.   Time   was   “Red   Car”
did   not   refer   to   a   Toyota   the   same   color   as   a   fire   engine.   This   area   has   a   rich   history   on   the   rails,   and   the   Orange   Empire
Railway   Museum   in   Perris,   CA,   has   a   great   collection   of   artifacts   from   the   era.   The   museum   is   billed   as   “the   West’s   largest
collection   of   railway   locomotives,   passenger   and   freight   cars,   streetcars,   interurban   electric   cars,   buildings   and   other   artifacts
dating from the 1870’s.” Check out their website at  .
The museum is sponsoring a “Behind the Scenes,” event on January 19 and 20, 2019 and we will visit on Saturday the 19 th .
Carpools   will   depart   Coco’s   in   Redlands   at   8:30   AM.   If   you   choose   to   drive   yourself,   we   should   be   at   the   museum   in   Perris   by
about   9:15-9:30.      The   Orange   Empire   Railway   Museum   is   located   at   2201   S.   “A”   Street,   Perris,   CA.   Parking   is   free,   and   admission
is   only   $12,   quite   a   bargain   for   all   there   is   to   see   there.   Some   of   the   displays   are   indoors   so   you   may   want   to   bring   a   tripod   to
deal   with   low   light   conditions.   So   far   I   have   been   unable   to   determine   if   tripods   are   allowed,   but   if   they’re   not,   we’ll   just   leave
them in the car. 
If you plan to attend, please contact Carl Detrow, home phone 909-792-6341, or cell 909-553-9494, or  .
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