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June Field Trip We   have   a   local   photography   field   trip   to   Keys   Ranch   at   Joshua   Tree   National   park   on May   12,   2021   from   4   PM   to   9:30   PM.   It   will   be   a   great   opportunity   to   photograph   the ranch   during   the   day   and   at   sunset.   We   are   also   planning   that   evening   to   photograph   the Milky Way. The   Milky   Way   starts   rising   about   11:15   PM.   Space   at   the   Keys   Ranch   is   limited   to   10   to   12 people.   If   you   would   like   to   attend,   please   contact   me   at   760-486-5269   or   email   me   at There is no space requirement for shooting the Milky Way.
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