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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and in compliance to state and local recommendations, the Redlands
Camera Club has canceled our in person meeting until further notice. Check back to the website as
we're planning on moving our meetings online.
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Redlands Camera Club Spring 2021 Competition Awards
                           Rick Hulbert’s April 19, 2021 Zoom Presentation Topic:         Architectural Photography . . . Inside and Out Rick‘s photography is informed by his background as a professional Architect and Urban Designer. His teachings reflect his knowledge of both the History of the 2-Dimensional Arts of Drawing  and Painting along with the Science of Human Vision. Four challenges will be presented that will enhance your understanding of Architectural Photography. You will learn about key compositional principles that will guide your portrayal of enhanced photographic “realism” in the documentation of building exteriors and building interiors. You will be exposed to various methods of portraying a sense of 3-dimensional depth on a 2-dimensional screen or canvas. Rick's Zoom presentation will focus on structures that are publicly accessible. Rick’s presentation is designed to appeal to all photographers regardless of their level of experience and expertise.
April 19th Rick Hulbert “Architectural    Photography”
May 3rd Glenn Bartley “Bird Photography Simplified”