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A membership application can be DOWNLOADED from this site. You may either bring the application and $35 to a club meeting or mail them to Redlands Camera Club, Membership, P.O. Box 7261, Redlands, CA 92375.
Current paid club members have many benefits. Just to mention a few: •	educating us on how to become better photographers by taking Frank Peele's classes  •	presentations from professional photographers •	taking part in the club's photo competitions •	receiving the monthly newsletter •	participating during Members' Night to get feedback on our photos •	participating in field trips •	socializing with other people with similar interests •	enjoying and learning about photography Remember to bring your name badges when you attend RCC meetings. Thanks.
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We’re off to a Great 2021 Membership Year Membership   Renewal   –   We   have   started   the   renewal   process   for   next   fiscal   year   which   starts   April   1,   2021   So please   make   a   concerted   effort   to   renew   you   membership   as-soon-possible.   $35.00   is   a   great   deal   for   all   of the   benefits   that   Redlands   Camera   Club   offers.   Only   currently   paid   members   can   take   part   in   education classes,   competitions,   events,   free   workshops,   and   field   trips.   Dues   are   the   primary   source   of   club   revenue allowing     us     to     provide     you     with     quality     programs     and     training.     Contact     Stephanie     Billings     at HeartandSoul4@yahoo.com if you have any questions about your membership renewal. Prospective   new   members   please   note :   At   Redlands   Camera   Club   you’ll   find   a   group   of   photo-enthusiasts with    a    wide    range    of    interests,    a    ton    of    experience    and    a    willingness    to    help    you    become    a    better photographer.   Our   regular   club   meetings   offer   stimulating   programs,   members’   nights   and   competitions;   in addition,   we   offer   field   trips,   workshops,   classes   and   opportunities   for   mentoring.   You   can   obtain   an application   form   at   one   of   our   regular   meetings   or   from   our   website   by   going   to   the   club   web   site (www.redlandscameraclub.org),    clicking    on    the    “Downloads”    tab    and    then    clicking    on    “Membership Application” tab. Follow the instructions on the form and your all set! All   members   please   introduce   yourself   to   our   newest   members   and   help   direct   them   to   members   who   can assist   them   with   their   photography   needs.   We   try   to   get   a   brief   Bio   from   each   of   our   new   members.   Contact me by email HeartandSoul4@yahoo.com if you would like your Bio to be included in the Photogram.
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