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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and in compliance to state and local recommendations, the Redlands
Camera Club meets via Zoom on the 1st Monday of the month and on the 3rd Monday of the month we meet in person and via Zoom.
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Redlands Camera Club Program
November 15, 2021
Presentation: Ferrari Club of California-Yosemite Grand Tour
The   Ferrari   Club   Tour   IV   was   held   in   June,   2019.   Twenty   Ferraris,   of   various   models
and    vintages,    worth    about    5    million    dollars,    assembled    at    the    Hyatt    Regency    in
Valencia,   then   went   to   the   Visalia   Country   Club,   where   they   were   displayed   on   the   golf
course’s     lawn.     Then     they     went     on     to
Yosemite.   The   sight   of   20   thundering
Ferraris   was   spectacular,   and   people
had   their   cell   phones   out   recording   the
spectacle.   Their   tour   included   Glacier
Point,   the   famed   Ahwanee   Hotel,   and
hikes   to   Yosemite   Falls   and   around   the
valley   floor.   You   will   thoroughly   enjoy
seeing    his    photographs    and    hearing
his story.
2.    Dave    Moore    Bio -    Dave    began
photography    in    his    early    years    and
continued   through   college.   He   enrolled   in   the   Institute   of   Design   at   Illinois   Institute   of
Technology,   studying   under   famous   photographers   Harry   Callahan   and   Aaron   Siskind.
He    had    work    published    in    the    Chicago    Sun    Times ,    the    book    Chicago’s    Famous
Buildings , and his college yearbook.
After   college   he   was   commissioned   through   his   college   ROTC   as   a   lieutenant   in   the   US
Air   Force.   He   requested   assignment   in   Aerospace   Audio   Visual   Service   and   served   in
photography   throughout   his   22-year   Air   Force   career.   During   that   time   Dave   served   in
Vietnam   in   the   early   days   of   the   war,   running   the   Air   Force’s   Combat   Camera   unit   for
Southeast   Asia.   He   flew   52   combat   missions   as   a   supervisory   aerial   photographer.
Later   he   served   at   Vandenberg   Air   Force   Base   as   Operations   Officer   of   the   Photo
Squadron,   supervising   photography   of   missile   launchings.   He   also   served   in   the   Canal
Zone    of    Panama,    leading    documentary    photo    operations    and    supporting    Air    Force
activities    through    Latin    America.    Following    his    Air    Force    career,    he    was    a    Quality
Engineer    for    Optical    Radiation    Corporation    and    then    a    salesman    for    the    Vernon
Company, selling promotional advertising products.
Dave   has   been   active   in   the   Redlands   Camera   Club   on   trips,   lectures,   and   meetings.
He   has   attended   photo   workshops   with   Bob   Killin,   Ralph   Nordstrom,   Sandy   Wheaton,
as   well   as   Lightroom   and   Photoshop   courses   from   Scott   Kelby,   Frank   Peele,   and   John
Following   Dave’s   participation   in   and   documentation   of   the   Ferrari   Club   of   California’s
Yosemite   Grand   Tour   IV,   his   photography   was   published   in   Sempre   Ferrari ,   Ferrari   Club
of America Southwest Region Magazine, in the Nov.-Dec. 2019 issue.
Photo credit: Marie Collins