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                          YouTube Video Rules                Since the "Featured Photographer" page that was a staple of our Web Site for some time died a slow death for lack of participation, we have been looking for something to take its’ place that could get our members fired up. We think we have found it: A YouTube video featured on our Web Site for the entire month. Every month we would like to feature a YouTube video created by you, our members.  The video can be a “traditional” video, a slide show converted into a video, or some creative/experimental process.  This is an opportunity for you to grow new talents and to get some exposure of your work outside of our member nights and our blog.  It’ll be fun to do and to see your creativity and talents.  To ensure that this feature looks good and meets the standards of the Club, there are a few constraints that need to be followed.  So, here are the rules: Must be Photography/Videography related Must be a current member in good standing of Redlands Camera Club Maximum time limit of 10 minutes Resolution to be no lower than 1080P with an aspect ratio of 16.9 G rated content only No young children to appear in video or photos (YouTube is very concerned about this) Either with audio or no audio –  although audio of some kind can really enhance a video For uploading to YouTube, Bit Rate should be at least 40 MBs All content must be yours  If you have your own YouTube account just upload it there and send me the link.  If you don’t have a YouTube account, we can make arrangements to send the video to me and I will  upload it to the RCC YouTube account for you.  Your video will be featured on our Web Site for an entire month, first come, first served.  At this time we are all   full for the 2020 schedule. If you would like to see your video/slideshow on the website and share it with the camera club members please contact Woody.  You may contact me at to save your spot. Please put “YouTube Submission” in the subject line. Don’t worry about how to send the video to me. There are many ways we can do this. Woody HOME PAGE CLICK HERE
YouTube Submission Rules
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