Monday, August 5 @ 7pm

In-Person and Zoom Meeting – Josh Endres

Josh Endres will present the inspiring story of his journey into photography and how he has published two coffee table books in the last five years. One is on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The others is on Yucaipa and the surrounding area. He is one of those photographers who starts hiking at midnight in pitch-black darkness so he can record the sunrise spotlighting 14,000+ mountain peaks. And in recent years, he has been known to be attached to rock formations by ropes and pitons. And somehow, he manages to capture amazing images of Yucaipa and the San Bernardino Mountains. Come and be inspired!

Our in-person and Zoom meetings open at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.

Presented by Josh Endres

Josh Endres is a 5-time internationally awarded landscape photographer. author and mountaineer. He’s written two books: It Was Good – 10 Years in the High Sierra and The World as I Remember It – A Tribute to the San Gorgonio Wilderness, Yucaipa and Oak Glen. He’s been in various publications and has recently opened his studio on Yucaipa Blvd showcasing his photographs and books.