Monday, July 15 @ 7pm

Zoom Meeting – Nic Stover

Join professional nature photographer Nic Stover to talk about ways we can improve the quality of our images using plugins.  Plugins are software programs designed to supplement the capabilities of our editing software and can often do a better job improving your images than Lightroom or Photoshop alone.

This presentation is about two software programs can increase the sharpness of your images, and enable you to print with more detail.  The first is the Topaz Labs collection. It does not replace parts of your image with scenes that do not exist but instead reduce noise, sharpen, and help you scale your images to larger sizes. Nic will demonstrate  DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and GigaPixel AI. 

Nic will also demonstrate the two plugins created by NIK from DxO: Color Efex and Nik Silver Efex for Black & White Photography. These work in BOTH Lightroom and Photoshop, but they also work as stand alone programs.  

Zoom and In-person meetings open at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.

Presented by Nic Stover

Nic Stover grew up in Carbondale, Colorado and now lives in San Luis Obispo. He teaches photography classes, leads in-person workshops, and works with people he meets at local art fairs to help them use his work in their homes and businesses.

Nic is a lifelong entrepreneur who turned “Professional” photographer in 2020. He spends 90 or so days a year in the field and has photographed on all seven continents. He loves photographing in the Canadian Rockies, the High Sierras of California, and the deserts of the Southwest. His Nature Photography Classes are one of his primary ways of helping photographers and he has quite a following. His Inspired Creator Grants have been awarded by him to enable over $20,000 to be given to nature photographers who foster deeper connection to their natural environment in an effort to protect Planet Earth. 

Additional information can be found at His Portfolio can be found at