At The Redlands Camera Club you’ll find a group of photo enthusiasts with a wide range of interests, a ton of experience and a willingness to help you become a better photographer.

Membership is currently only $35 per year and has many benefits, including:

  • Presentations from successful photographers
  • Taking part in the club’s photo competitions
  • Receiving the monthly newsletter
  • Participating during Members’ Night to get feedback on our photos
  • Field trips to interesting places
  • Socializing with other people with similar interests
  • Enjoying and learning about photography
We look forward to having you part of the Redlands Camera Club!
An application is only needed for a NEW membership. When you’ve completed the from, scan or take a picture with your phone and email it to:

Stephanie Billings


If you prefer, make check payable to:

Redlands Camera Club
You can bring it with you to our next inperson meeting 
or mail to:

The Redlands Camera Club
P.O. Box 7261
Redlands, CA. 92375