Why You Should Join The Redlands Camera Club

Founded in 1896 to promote the art and science of photography, Redlands Camera Club (RCC) invites photo enthusiasts and professionals to grow their photography skills and connections through bi-monthly programs, educational workshops, field trips, competitions, community exhibits, and more. RCC provides inspiration and opportunities to learn from peers at every level of expertise and to have fun in the process. RCC members receive special access to restricted venues and exhibit their works in the community and beyond.

Join RCC to learn how best to use your camera gear, process your photos and present your results on screen or framed. Showcase your work and get feedback from professionals, all the while having a great time and extending your network of colleagues and photography resources.

Redlands Camera Club is a member of Photographic Society of America.

Field Trips

Throughout the year the club sponsors field trips as an opportunity for members to apply their skills and assist others. Frequently the theme of the field trip will coincide with that of a recent meeting program. Past outings have focused on wildlife and on Milky Way photographic techniques.


Frequently, club members will offer to help others with software tips and more. More formally, RCC periodically sponsors classroom workshops for club members. These are “hands-on” instruction in many varieties of photographic techniques. Examples include an introduction to camera settings, digital post-processing, specific photographic techniques (e.g., macro photography), and preparation for photographic contests. Participant groups average 12 to 16 in number.


RCC conducts photographic competitions among its members. Competitions are organized along the guidelines of regional and international organizations. Participating in RCC competitions prepares photographers interested in showcasing their works to a broader professional audience.


From time to time, RCC members are invited by various event organizers to exhibit their works in the local community. This is a great opportunity to share your work with the general public.