Monday, June 5 @ 7pm

**Bring your camera** In Person & Zoom Meeting – Jerry Reece

Abstracts are images where the subject itself is not important. Colors, lines, shapes, and/or patterns are what captures one’s attention and in fact become the “subject” of the image, thus, an abstract. We will discuss where to find a potential abstract. They are all around us, waiting to be discovered, in nature, around town and even around the house. Sometimes we can go looking and sometimes they seem to find us. Sometimes we see them after the fact as we review our images. Another focus of this program will be on taking the photograph. There are a variety of ways to approach the “how,” including isolation, framing, focus options, camera orientation, and intentional motion of the camera. There will be a segment on camera-in-motion focuses on Jerry’s more recent foray into abstracts. And there will be time to practice camera-in-motion photography and perhaps look around the church for a few other samples of abstracts. And there will be mention of creating images with filters and programs on our computers, rounding out the program.

**Bring your camera** to experiment with abstract photography. Jerry suggests you bring a “normal” focal length or mid-range zoom lens including, of course, a memory card. In addition, if you can, bring your neutral density filters. Better yet, if you have a variable neutral density filter, bring that. A polarizer filter can sometimes work in a pinch. The purpose of the neutral density filter is to bring your shutter speed down to the 2-second to ½ second range for camera-in-motion abstracts.

Presented by Jerry Reece

is a retired educator with a 28-year stint as a school principal in the San Bernardino City Schools, retiring in 1994. He is a San Bernardino native having lived mostly in Southern California with brief stints in Nevada and Texas. Photography has been his primary hobby for the past 72 years. Jerry was married to his high school sweetheart from his early college days to her passing in 2015. He and his late wife, Bessie, joined the Redlands Camera Club 20 years ago and both served various club duties. Jerry is a life member and past president of the Club. He was honored with a “lifetime membership” in the Redlands Camera Club several years ago.

A Nikon shooter for many years, he currently uses Fuji mirrorless X-T5 cameras, enjoying the quality of the Fuji lens and, most of all, the light-weight aspect of the Fuji system.

Jerry is primarily a landscape photographer with additional interests in street, flowers, travel and Americana. Photography started out for him as a documentation of life experiences and as a classroom tool to supplement history and science lessons. Interest was later fired up by a desire to find an artistic expression to balance his basic mindset which is more science and social science oriented. Over the years he became interested in the patterns he was seeing which led to a focus on abstracts.

He has presented a variety of programs to several camera clubs in Southern California and in Texas. Now back in California and living in nearby Menifee, he is excited to again become active with the Redlands Club.c