Monday, February 5 @ 7pm

In person & Zoom Meeting – Bruce Herwig

Do you have questions about what makes a good tripod? Do the terms Arca-Swiss, bubble level, ball head and center column make you confused? What should you expect to spend on a good tripod? Rubber feet or Spike feet? What if you want to shoot panoramas? Bruce Herwig will be leading a discussion on tripods, options, best practices, and more.

We are encouraging everyone to bring their tripod with them to the camera club and be prepared to share what they like, and don’t like as we learn together and get practical insight from our fellow members. 

This is going to be “in-person” focused and interactive. We’ll do our best to Zoom, but no guarantees.

Zoom meeting opens at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.

Lead by Bruce Herwig

An award-winning Redlands photo enthusiast, you will often find Bruce out and about taking pictures.  

“I love photography because you have to ‘be there’ in order to take the picture. It’s a chicken and egg thing with me. Events get me out to take pictures and I go to events to take pictures.” Bruce likes spending time outside in nature, so landscape photography is a natural fit for him. In the last few years he has learned to shoot the Milky Way in Joshua Tree and other “dark sky” desert communities. 

“For me, getting home after a photo shoot and loading the pictures into the computer has the anticipation of Christmas. While you know what you shot (subject matter), you don’t know what you got (captured with your camera). I enjoy editing my photos as much as taking them. It’s when you edit you really get to see the possibilities of what you’ve captured.”