Monday, April 15 @ 7pm

Zoom Meeting – Richard Lewis

Every photographer needs to find their unique creative voice. It is the basic building block of creating a unique photographic style that allows a photographer to make photographs that do not look like everyone else. So how does someone develop a style? It was something I struggled with for years until I realized a simple solution… Ask questions. In this presentation I teach you 4 simple questions whose answers will lead you to define your style. I also teach one important key word that will drive everything you do with your photography, and possibly your life. This presentation is full of examples of how this questioning approach lead to creative solutions based on a unique creative voice.

Zoom meeting opens at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.


Presented by Richard Lewis  

My love for photography began when I met my wife in 1973. She had a camera and a bunch of black and white film. Since then I spent many years as a professional photographer with a passion for fine art landscapes, and more recently abandoned buildings and interesting people I like to create photographs that had a painterly feel. This doesn’t mean making photographs that look like paintings, but creating photographs that have the same feel that a great landscape painting exudes.

Digital photography provides ability to edit and continue creating images after the camera’s shutter captured the scene. It is here that I finally found my voice with photography and created a style I call “Painting with a Camera”.