Monday, August 21 @ 7pm

Zoom Meeting – Bruce Herwig

We will be exploring intriguing world of Generative AI, a technology that has been making waves in the art and photography communities. Generative AI utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to create images that can be remarkably realistic and imaginative. However, it’s essential to approach this technology with a touch of caution. While it offers exciting possibilities for artistic exploration, it also raises questions about authorship, ethics, and the potential risks of misuse. 

As photographers, understanding the capabilities and limitations of Generative AI will help us appreciate its creative potential while being mindful of the broader implications it may have on the art we love. Let’s dive into this topic with an open mind, acknowledging both the possibilities and the challenges it presents for the future of photography.

Have You Experimented with Gernative AI?

I would love to see your images…send them to [email protected] and let me know what program you used.

We start the Zoom at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome!

The four “photos” above were created with 100% with Generative AI.

Presented by Bruce Herwig

Bruce Herwig serves as President of the Redlands Camera Club, is an active member of the Redlands Art Association, and an award winning photographer. Having worked with computers since the early 80s, Bruce has watched techology develop over the last 40 years and will give his take on the rise of AI and how this will effect photographers and Camera Clubs in the immediate future and beyond.