Monday, January 15 @ 7pm

Zoom Meeting – Ann Kramer

Venturing into the wild world of nature to capture wildlife images, whether you are looking for a bird, a moose, a bear or a squirrel, is an invitation to adventure and unpredictability.  Learning how to be prepared for the experience can help you to avoid the potential for frustration and mishaps and have a thrilling and positive experience instead. Ann will explore some of the factors to help you become a prepared and comfortable wildlife photographer. 

  • Climate, tides and light
  • Outdoor attire
  • Camera equipment
  • Camera settings
  • Physical positions
  • Accessories
  • Philosophy
  • Practical considerations
  • Travel planning

It’s a never-ending journey once you embark into nature. Whether your wild is the backyard or a national park, there are factors you will need to consider that don’t apply to studio work. 

This presentation will help you with the things you need to know for photographing wild things and the steps you might want to take to become prepared and comfortable with a nature adventure.  

Zoom meeting opens at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.


Presented by Ann Kramer

Ann has been a member of RCC for over 7 years during which time she won numerous first place awards in both animal, places and black and white categories.  She was awarded Best in Show twice for her animal images. Ann has been honored with an Audubon Photography award for the Plants for Birds category, and her images have placed in the Share the View, Kingbirder and North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA).  She recently was honored for the third year in NANPA’s Showcase Contest.  Since she has moved to the Pacific Northwest, she’s led several bird photography workshops for the Puget Sound Bird Festival as well as serving as a contest judge for several local contests.  She combines her love for nature photography with respectful field practices.