Monday, March 4 @ 7pm

In person & Zoom Meeting – Rick Strobaugh

Iceland’s combination of diverse and photogenic natural features, along with its unique weather patterns, makes it a compelling destination for photographers seeking to create striking and memorable images.

Redlands Camera Club members Rick Strobaugh & Debra Dorothy recently went on a photo tour to Iceland. In addition to sharing their beautiful photos, Rick will discuss the process of scheduling and traveling to Iceland for photography. This will include travel and hotel requirements, camera equipment, locations, weather conditions, cost of items, and what to expect while in this fascinating country.

Zoom meeting opens at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome.

Presented by Rick Strobaugh 

Rick’s first real training in photography was back in the film days, taking photos/close-ups of dead bodies, injuries, crime scenes, fatal/major injury traffic accidents and autopsies as a Detective in charge of the CSI Division with Redlands PD. As something more enjoyable to photograph, Rick started shooting photos of landscapes, wildlife and macro. He is mostly self-taught but membership with RCC has helped tremendously over the years.