Monday, February 6 @ 7pm

In-person and Zoom Meeting – Judith Sparhawk

The in-person RCC meeting on Monday, February 6 will present a program by long-time member Judith Sparhawk, discussing self-publishing your own books of photographs. Judith recently completed her 8th book in the last 13 years. She acknowledges she has learned a lot by trial and error, and will give great tips to help avoid some of those errors. Some of the topics she will cover include:

  • Why should I do a book anyway?
  • How do I even begin?
  • Choosing a company to work with
  • Technical issues to consider
  • Choosing your photographs
  • What’s it going to cost, anyway?
  • Happiness is holding a book of your own photographs in your hand!

Judith will bring copies of all 8 of her books to show, using her experiences in creating them as teaching moments. She will share some of her personal experiences of inspiration that led to making her books, each very different, and each fulfilling its own creative purpose.

Presented by Judith Sparhawk

I came to photography fairly late in life, somewhere in my mid-50’s. I am mostly self-taught, though I have taken a few classes through RCC. I am an active birder, but find that when I am traveling or am out in the field, I enjoy photographing almost everything around me. Both birding and photography have heightened my awareness in the world, which has been a great help in seeing photo ops everywhere.

I am a past President of RCC, and also of Redlands Art Association. I have shown and sold my work in shows, galleries, and for publication. For the last 13 years I have been self-publishing my own books of photos and writing, including poetry, prose and short stories. I hope to inspire others to take some of those great shots from today, and from the past, off the computer or hard drive and put them into a book that can be held in the hand, given as a gift, or even sold. It’s a pretty wonderful feeling, holding that book in your hand!