Saturday May 6 @ 8am PST

Mike Livingston will be leading a group of RCC members to photograph four installations of the Desert X art exhibition. The selected exhibitions offer many opportunities to play with composition, apertures, shutter speed and focal length; shapes, patterns, and colors. And, of course, we aim to have fun.


We’ll gather at the Redlands Home Depot, near the Tennessee Street entrance, between 7:45am and 8:00. At 8:00 sharp, we’ll drive (carpool) an hour and 15 minutes to our first destination in Palm Desert.


After spending about 30 minutes at each site in Palm Desert, we’ll head to Desert Hot Springs for the remaining two. After we finish shooting, we can have lunch nearby.


Dress in layers; the desert can be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat that will work with your taking photos. And bring plenty of water and remember to hydrate!


RCC field trips are available to club members only, and advance sign-ups are required.

If you’re interested in going, contact Mike Livingston: [email protected].


Following is a sample of what we’ll see.


Liquid a Place, by artist Torkwase Dyson, is a black semicircle with cutout. Shadows add drama to the geometry. 




Chainlink, by artist Rana Begum, is a maze of yellow chain-link fencing. Steel posts interact with layers of the fencing, with openings exposing the sky above. (I found myself wanting a bird to fly over!)




Pioneer, by artist Tschabalala Self, is a provocative metal sculpture of a headless, armless female body on horseback. The human portion appears to be almost flying, exhilarated. This sense of action is contrasted by the horse in a kneeling pose. The exhibit evokes many questions and interpretations.




Searching for the Sky (While Maintaining Equilibrium), by artist Mario García Torres, is a mobile exhibit. Polished metal plates rotate asynchronously, at times reflecting the sky and hillsides. 




Since its first appearance in 2017, Desert X ( is a free biennial presentation of art installations by acclaimed artists. Exhibits are staged across the southern California desert communities of Coachella, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs and more.