5-session class taught by Dave Ficke starting Monday, February 26

Introduction to Landscape Photography is designed to inspire you in your photographic vision, perspective and storytelling.  You will be immersed in a combination of Zoom classes and hands on Experiential Field Trips to build your confidence and experience in landscape photography.  This class is not about post processing, but photography. 


Redlands Camera Club Members $100
Non-Members $125
6 students maximum 

Class Sessions:  

  1. Zoom – Monday, February 26  @ 6:30 pm
  2. Zoom – Monday, March 11 @ 6:30 pm
  3. Zoom – Monday, March 25 @ 6:30 pm
  4. Field Trip– Joshua Tree – Date & Time TBD
  5. Field Trip– Saturday – Date & Time TBD

Some of the topics covered in the class:

Some of the topics covered in class and in the field: Understanding your camera and settings, lenses for landscape photography, introduction to research for landscape photography, safety, white balance, DOF, exposure compensation and histogram and much more. 


Any questions contact Dave Ficke at [email protected] and in the subject line Landscape.

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Presented by Dave Ficke

Dave Ficke is an American nature and wildlife photographer and conservationist. Dave’s thirty years as an environmental educator and life-long wildlife enthusiast has nurtured a love of nature and its beauty, which he has captured in his photographs. Long an advocate of conservation and stewardship of our natural environment, he has passionately taught those principles as a high school science teacher. Dave believes in experiential education and for 33 years took his high school students on weeklong field trips to Yosemite, canoeing down the Colorado river and sharing many other outdoor experiences with his students.

Dave’s entire career has been influenced by his dedication to environmental conservation; his roles as both photographer and field biology teacher have reflected this. Dave believes he can capture a great many people’s attention regarding the rapid loss of species in our wild places across the globe, with his camera as well as his in-depth knowledge of earth’s rapidly deteriorating ecosystems. “It’s critical that our students understand that all of us are part of this earth ecosystem, and we need to protect our wild places and the species that live there.”