Monday, July 1 @ 7pm

In-Person and Zoom Meeting – Rachel Landis

In this workshop, participants will learn the approach, techniques, and equipment necessary to photograph invertebrates skillfully, as well as the habits and basic biology of each species. After all, one can only photograph as well as one understands the subject. Bring your camera, lenses, and tripods, as there will be an opportunity to photograph some specimens in a hands-on setting. As our subjects will be on the smaller side, we will learn how to best utilize photographic equipment for macro shots.

  • If you have telephoto, macro lenses or extension tubes, please bring them.
  • If you have portable lighing, please feel free to bring that too

Our in-person and Zoom meetings open at 6:30 pm for a social time before the presentation. Visitors are always welcome. 

We will zoom the Summer Contest winners and the intro talk by Rachel Landis. Once we start photographing, we will stop the Zoom meeting. 

Presented by Rachel Landis

Rachel is a dedicated photographer with ten years of experience in professional and academic fields. She has worked in product, portraiture, and editorial photography, but these days she spends most of her time capturing images of wildlife. From amphibians to arachnids, mammals to insects, she finds beauty in all creatures, from the showy to the unassuming. Getting in close, she excels in capturing fine details and creating memorable shots that show each creature at its best.