Monday, October 17 @ 7pm

Zoom Only Meeting

Great storytelling can help your audience connect emotionally with your images. But understanding how to weave a narrative into your photography can be confusing. How can one photo tell a whole story, with a beginning, middle, and end? JP Stones has spent the last five years photographing the same group of Mexica, or Aztec, dancers. In that time, he learned how connected the Mexica are to their mythology, to stories passed down across generations. He decided that, as these stories were so vital to Mexica culture, they needed to play a bigger role in his portraits. This ended up changing his entire creative process. Using examples from his photographic work in Mexico, he explores different ways to improve his entire creative process and improve the emotional connection his viewers have his images. Posing, composition, lighting, and color are some of the ways he will show us. 

Presented by JP Stone

JP has presented for professional organizations and camera clubs across the US, Mexico, and the UK. His work has been featured on the cover of multiple publications, including Good Light Magazine. He’s been teaching his Cultural Workshops for close to ten years.